FormArt stands for perfection of the graphic technique. The process makes it possible to produce art works in such an accurate and refined way that with the naked eye FormArts can hardly be told apart from the original The most important difference of FormArt in relation to other techniques is the addition of depth hand relief. Just like in the original art work, every brushstroke is visible and tangible.

In artistic and commercial aspect, FormArt offers many new options. The technique has various applications for the museum, design and art world. For example, FormArts can be individualised because image and relief can be enlarged and/or reduced. FormArts are paintable, artists can use them as a foundation for serial works, and they can be perfectly combined with – for example, photography. FormArts are created in various editions whereby they make a perfect original and unique business gift. Data can also be stored through the FormArt technique. In case of restoration, the specific features of the painting can be restored easier, faster and cheaper.