The FormArt scanning technology is based on a fine-art museum scanner that is used by various renowned museums. Therefore, the scanning and reproduction of museum pieces is completely safe and can be done without any objections*. Museums can use FormArt in different areas.


With FormArt, high quality certified 3D Facsimile’s of famous art works can be offered. The added value in, for example, museum shops is visible and tangible. Purchasing new art works is quite expensive, therefore museums are looking for sponsors ever more often. By offering certified FormArt 3D Facsimile’s, museums have more to offer their sponsors. A prominent token of appreciation.

Public function

FormArt also strengthens the public function of the museum. The original needs to be protected and therefore is put behind glass or at a safe distance from the public. A FormArt literally makes art more accessible for everyone.


In the creation of a FormArt scan, not only image and colour are digitally recorded, but also the exact relief of the original. Therefore, the FormArt technology offers a lot of added value for archiving and possible future restorations.

Wereld Museum