In cooperation with the artists that you represent, FormArt offers three new business opportunities for galleries and other companies in art trade and art mediation.

Graphics with the appearance of an original

Business wise, graphic art is a very important element of the art market. FormArt offers extra added value. The exact display of the relief in combination with the perfect image and colour quality makes sure a FormArt has the appearance of an original.

Original plus

Art lovers who can afford it usually choose an original. Or maybe rather an original + a couple of FormArts. Out of safety reasons or to be able to enjoy the art work at work or in a second home. Maybe even as a gift to family, good friends or relations. After all, FormArt is art that deserves to be seen!

Concepts for the business market

Galleries often have business clients. FormArt offers numerous possibilities for that. For example: decoration of companies with multiple offices such as banks, accountants, and store chains but also in the recreational atmosphere. Think for example of hotel rooms and recreational bungalows that can be decorated with exclusive yet affordable art. In addition, a FormArt art work makes a beautiful gift for business relations and employees.

FormArt partner

FormArt cooperates with artists and galleries in two ways. You can provide us with an assignment*. We then scan your work and provide you with the amount of FormArts agreed upon, with connecting certificates. In addition, together with the artists your represent, you can become an official FormArt Partner. You and your artists then decide with us which art works you offer* for the creation of FormArts and under which terms and conditions they are for sale. We place these art works in our FormArt Gallery and mediate in the conclusion of assignments.

Eric Hirdes