FormArt is a new, patented technique for graphic art and art reproductions with the original relief. A process that transfers the three-dimensional depth of the original in such a perfect way that you can hardly tell the FormArt apart from the original. A FormArt offers the appearance of the authentic work for the price of graphics.

The revolutionary technology of FormArt distinguishes itself from other graphic techniques by adding relief to the image. This means that the brush marks of the artist are copied in the exact same colour, shape, and depth.

Common methods such as silkscreen printing and giclée (reproduction technique by means of an inkjet printer) mainly focus on colour retention and choice of materials. FormArt perfects graphic art through a three-dimensional depth that provides an extra dimension in the image.

Choosing FormArt means choosing affordable art with the ambiance of an original. With that, FormArt offers favourable commercial options for the professional art world, private art lovers, and companies.