FormArt is a patented procedure for scanning and reproducing image and relief. We have developed this technology in cooperation with various renowned companies and research institutes. Within FormArt, advanced 3D technologies are combined with the best in the field of graphic quality. A FormArt maintains the relief of the original in combination with an optimal graphic display of the image. Craftsmanship here goes hand in hand with innovative thinking and use of the best materials.

With ‘ordinary’ lights

In order to scan image and relief, up until now a colour scan (digital photo) and a separate laser scan were made. FormArt scans the image and the relief together, by means of just ‘ordinary’, and therefore safe, visible light. This method not only is more accurate and safe, but cheaper as well.

Scanning with more than 300 megapixels

Manufacturing such an exact replica begins by making a perfect scan. For this, FormArt uses the best in the field of scanning: a special museum scanner with an extremely high resolution (3 x 308 megapixels) and depth (3 x 16 bit). Several well-known museums use such scanners to digitalise their collections. The device is superior with regard to even the best professional large field cameras. The scanning process and the used light source are completely safe for the art works to be scanned.

Integrated scan of image and relief

The scanner and software are especially adjusted for FormArt scanning. In one scanning process all data is generated. For the image, the colour as well as for the relief. With special software, the relative height of each pixel is calculated. Without using laser, the relief is charted to pixel level. Because of this the FormArt technique not only is incredibly accurate, but also completely safe and relatively cheap.

Exact enlargement or reduction including relief

Because the relief information and the image originate from the same source, the relief image and the colour image always fit perfectly. Therefore it becomes easier to make an enlargement or a reduction with retention of the relief. Creating an adjusted size with relief offers unique new possibilities in graphic art.