Last week the Dutch Van Gogh museum showed the world their three-dimensional reproductions of famous works of Vincent van Gogh, in Hongkong. The news got plenty of attention in the international media.

However, there is a small ‘downside’ to this beautiful new development, the price makes the Van Gogh 3D reproductions only affordable for ‘the happy few’.

The company FormArt based in Valkenswaard, The Netherlands has developed a technology to reproduce paintings, including the ‘splash’ of paint made by the artist, which are affordable for a wide audience.

About nine years ago the Dutch company started with the development of this technology. From the beginning the focus was to reproduce the painting as precise as possible, so that it would be hardly distinguishable from the original, including all the bumps on the canvas. A second major objective was to sell it at an acceptable price

With the help of TNO and Philips Research, the most modern technologies in the field of 3D scan data processing and color management formed an unique, patented process.
The result is amazing! The FormArt 3D Art print has the “look and feel” of a real painting. Only experts see the difference between the 3D Art print and the original.

FormArt is now active on the market. In 2013 projects were realized with various artists, including Arjan van Arendonk, Sam Drukker, Gerdine Duijsens, Cole Morgan (USA) and Jacques Tange. The artists are not only enthusiastic about the reproductions, they also discover new art forms.

Meanwhile also museums find their way towards FormArt. For example, the military museum ordered a 3D Art print of a work from it’s collection of Jan Hoynck van Papendrecht.

And the price? Thanks to the high-end technology and thoughtful process the 3D reproductions are more or less the same price as Silk screen prints.

We would like to explain this new and promising technology to you.

For more information please contact Marcella Roks (mob. +31 6 81 46 09 45)